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The history of CAPE in Thailand dates back to the early 1990’s, when our first product and service company was established specially for the booming construction industry. Construction and Piling Equipment Co.,Ltd  (later as Construction and Reliance Engineering) was established in 1994, and soon became a leader in the both the foundation and piling industries in Thailand, and throughout the region.

Over the past two decades, the company grown considerably and today is now a recognized industry leader in Thailand, in three main key segment areas:

"INDUSTRIAL" – Hydraulic Tools, Lubrication system and Cleaner (CAPE IND)
"ONSHORE-OFFSHORE" – Piling & Pipeline Maintenance Services (PAPS)
"RAILWAY" – Railway Measuring Equipment (CAPE IND)

And according, the following specialist companies within CAPE THAILAND group have been established to serve its ever growing customers and widening client base.

• Cape Industrial Company Limited
• Pipeline and Piling Services Company Limited
• Construction and Reliance Engineering Company Limited


Cape Industrial Company Limited

CAPE INDUSTRIAL'S reputation as a leader in foundation and piling began in late 1990s.

At CAPE INDUSTRIAL today, we add to our portfolio top class products and services. Our full time professionals and technical staff can ensure customer satisfaction. CAPE INDUSTRIAL imports, distributes and services high quality and technological advanced equipment for more than a decade. Our products and services best serve clients in various industries, spanning from the food industry to the construction industry.

No other company in Thailand offers as complete a product portfolio for hydraulic and lubrication applications as CAPE INDUSTRIAL. We also offer after-sales services to meet our customers' needs.

We regularly add to our portfolio top class products and services to serve our clients. This comprehensive portfolio helps us match the right products, services and solutions to our customers' specific needs.

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